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Ladypreneur Academy is an online school of business specializing in entrepreneurial advancement for women of all creeds, colors, and backgrounds. Our mission is to create an environment of education, application and accountability to cultivate success within female business leaders.

as a student, you'll get
  • Monthly learning modules
  • Weekly Q/A and group coaching
  • Instant access to course library
  • Professional business certifications
  • Accountability partners
  • Access to our student center dashboards
  • Peer discussions
  • Access our Ladypreneur Circle discussion board
  • Course catalog of additional trainings
  • Access to Ladypreneur Agency’s building resources
How we’ll help


We’ll provide detailed information on how to run a business as a successful entrepreneur. Success secrets and rules of the “boy’s club” will no longer be a mystery as business experts will pour into you from personal and professional experience, no matter your industry.


Applied knowledge is power. You will have the tools to take action against and apply what you’ve learned to your business. As you move forward, you’ll have regular opportunities to ask questions and make adjustments as needed.


Consistency is the key to success. As a bus- iness owner, its often difficult to focus without accountability. We’ll assign partners with a vested interest in your success. You’ll work together to support each other achieve goals.

What to expect

Applied knowledge is power. As you apply your learnings, you can expect to:

Grow relationships with sister entrepreneurs

Increase your knowledge of marketplace dynamics

Increase your income

Increase your confidence

Grow your support system

Establish personal and business connections

Grow your network

Decrease your stress level

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What our Users have to say

I learned the importance of an EIN and business formation for tax benefits. I'm encouraged by the amount of female entrepreneurs that I'm able to learn from and I'm thankful for Ladypreneur Academy leading the way! Thumbs up!



Self-publishing my first book was a breeze, thanks to the Academy! I had good content, but with the help of this network, I was able to create a quality product, and pocket the profit.



I constantly refer Juanika and the instructors here. Unfortunately, people give away their earnings for lack of knowledge on the process. Never again! Let the Academy teach you to keep your profits where they belong!



The nuggets I've received have been monumental in the formation Hook'd Cosmetics. It's always beneficial to have a professional opinion from experts in the brand field. I've learned specifics about my target market, increased my social media presence, and I'm ready to launch!



"She Who Dares, Wins"
Meet the founder

Hi, my name is Juanika Dildy Cuthbertson and I want to personally welcome you to Ladypreneur® Academy!

This is a space created specifically for female entrepreneurs to connect and share. I look forward to connecting!

my story

Successes and failures, wins and losses, joy and pain, faith and sometimes fear make up the story of my life. But it’s important to note that God is not a waster, and all things eventually worked out for my good! There is work to be done, lives to be changed, atmospheres to be shifted, treasure to be gained, and I’m on a mission to equip the women of the world to make it happen. God made us “helpers” because he knew we could get the job done.

I could bore you with a list of credentials, but it all boils down to a woman that’s passionate about helping others. I love to learn, to grow, to teach, and to inspire. I’m eager to share the ministry that God has called me to in the marketplace.

Lifestyle is important to me. In my opinion, life is God’s gift to you, style is what you make of it! Family, travel, shopping, and creating are all personal favs. I look forward to sharing my world as a ladypreneur!




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