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To play, all you need is a packet of Maltesers , bowls and several straws. The winner is the first team to a certain point threshold or the first team to reach the other end of the board. If they do so, the team gets a point — or they move their piece on the board if you purchased a Pictionary set. Their teammates must attempt to guess what they are drawing within one minute. If you don’t have a Pictionary set, you will need someone to write a few dozen clue cards, which feature the name of an object, actions, movies, locations, or songs.

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If a player doesn’t freeze quickly enough, they are eliminated. When music is playing, everyone will start dancing and jumping around.

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The other team will then think of another song that features some of the words in the current song. If your friends love music, you can emulate this scene together. If no one attempts to guess the song, play a longer excerpt.

Jailed team mates can be freed by tagging them, but this can be quite risky if there are defenders guarding the jail. This area must be in their team’s territory but not too close to their flag. Each team RPG Games will also have a jail, which is marked with sticks or a rope. Each team will attach a piece of cloth or a t-shirt to a stick and plant it in the ground in their base. At the back of each team’s territory is their home base, where they will place their flag.

They will be in control of the music that is being played. A new “It” is chosen and the game continues until a set limit of points has been reached. After everyone has voted, the player reveals which statement was a lie. Going in turns, each player will tell two truths and one lie. Teams have 60 seconds to guess the phrase or word that their teammate is thinking of.

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This game is inspired by the YouTube channel, First We Feast. Any player that HAS farted in a classroom will then get to eat a piece of the food in front of them. Going in a circle, each player will make a statement that begins with “Never Have I Ever…”. If a player cannot think of a fruit in the category with the current letter, they will be out until the next round. The next player would need to answer with a fruit that starts with “B”, like “Banana” or “Blackberries”. So, if the category was “Fruits”, the first player would need to name a fruit that starts with “A”, like “Apple” or “Apricot”. Then, going in turns, each player must name something in that category that matches each letter of the alphabet.

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Sort the participants into teams of two and have each team come up with silly made-up country names. To play, you will need some index cards and some pens. For example, a player might ask questions like “Am I still alive? Then, going in a clockwise direction, each player asks yes or no questions in an effort to discover which name is written on their post-it note. Each player writes the name of a famous person on a post-it note and attaches it to the forehead of the person next to them. To play Who Am I, you will need some post-it notes and some pens.