Use It: Secret Functions Google Maps Go For Android Devices That Will Blow Your Mind | Revealed.

Apart from a mobile speed camera, Google Maps will also let you report crash or congestion. (Pocket-lint) – Google is finally rolling out the ability to see speed limits, stationary speed cameras and mobile speed traps in Google Maps. I see the speedometer, just not the alert when over the speed limit.

Pinch-to-zoom is second nature by now, but it also requires two-handed operation. If your hands are full and you need to zoom in or out on the map, try double-tapping and, without lifting your finger, sliding it up or down the screen. Sliding up will zoom out and sliding down will zoom in.

Report An Incident, Like A Car Crash Or A Traffic Jam

Also, be aware that Velociraptor seems a little laggy, but it seems like it’s precise enough to get you a fairly accurate readout of your speed. Alternatively, you can head to your Accessibility menu through your phone’s Settings app. The second option in the menu will say “Allow Velociraptor to detect the current app by turning on its accessibility service.” To the right of that you’ll see “Enable,” so toggle that on. This will bring you to your Accessibility settings, so select it and toggle it on there as well. Upon starting the app, you’ll be taken to the settings menu because you’ll need to enable Velociraptor before it can work with Google Maps.

  • The last time I checked, all I saw was a piece of land where the church now stands.
  • It took a bit longer than many thought it would, but it is happening.
  • This is particularly useful to learn about the on-ground situation.
  • There was an iGoogle widget for desktops and laptops as well.
  • In the above code, the style element sets the div size for your map.

The upper limit can vary depending on the map data available at the selected location. To set the Google Maps app on your iPhone to listen for “OK, Google” while navigating, open the Google Maps app and tap on the menu icon , then tap Settings. At the top of the page, under the heading Getting Around, tap Navigation, then scroll to the option labeled Access your Assistant with “OK Google”and turn the toggle on. On most restaurant listings you’ll see a navigation bar at the top with Overview, Menu, Reviews and Photos listed as options (you may have to side-scroll to see all of them). The link labeled Menu is often listed just below operating hours, but keep scrolling until you see the heading Popular dishes to see photos of food.

How To Access Google Meet

Google Maps is the fully-loaded app with a comprehensive feature set we know and love. It uses at least 128 MB on a fresh install, but on our testing device, it used 394 MB of storage including cache. Google Maps Go has a limited feature set, takes up less space, and requires less performance from your phone. It takes up 208 KB, but you have to have Google Chrome installed for it to work. Most phones come with Chrome preinstalled, but if yours didn’t, Google Maps Go is not recommended.

Navigation routing is now done with Tesla’s cloud server – which should be using more up-to-date maps. The source for the data appears to be OpenStreetMaps , though I can’t recall Tesla making any official statement on their source for onboard and cloud server maps. Their server should be updated more frequently, so it is more likely to adjust to recent road changes. The satellite maps displayed on the center console are also supplied by Google. The satellite images change infrequently on a seemingly random schedule – so when there are recent road changes, there could be a discrepancy between the Google street map and the Google satellite map.

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